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Monday, July 23. I jump on a plane with a fantastic team.  Bruce Smih, Mariah Longyear, Pastor Paul Bertsch, and I will be part of two conferences in Eastern Africa.  Sponsored by the Pastors Discipleship Network, these conferences are designed to equipt and encourage African Pastors in their work.  I am excietd to be part of PDN, and to once again be part of their conference.

The more I get to know the Pastors of Eastern Africa, the more encouraged I am.  Many of them are working in challenging situations.  They find themselves covered by the demands of being husbands, Fathers, Pastors, and employees.  Many Pastors must work a job other than Pastoring.  The church simply cannot afford to pay them.  Some Pastors don’t have simple tools such as a study Bible.  Many of them lack formal training.  Several live in poverty.  To meet the growing need, PDN is committed to supporting and training local Pastors.  And so am I.

I’d love to take you along on the journey.  I’d love for you to get a glimpse of life in Africa.  Since I can’t legally stuff you into my checked bag, I’ll do the next best thing.  Follow me on facebook, twitter, or her at  We will be posting as much as we can.  In the meantime, please pray for our team and for the Pastors of Africa.  God is doing some tremendous things on the Dark Continent.

To see the journey from last year, check out the blog here.

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3 thoughts on “Back to Africa

  1. Bruce Smith
    In 3 days I will be in Uganda with this passionate team serving the pastors and people of Ugunda for two weeks. Very proud to be able to join efforts with you…and all the Team.