big whiskey


Two Russian guys walk on our plane in New York.  They have with them the largest bottle of whiskey known to man.  The kind that you buy in a duty free store.  The kind of item that all your friends look at and say "Are you kidding me?  That is the biggest bottle of whiskey I have ever seen."

Let me not exaggerate when I say that this bottle was BIG.  It was so large that it had a built in stand to help you pour.  Because of it’s size, a mere man would have problems dispelling liquid from said large container.

So these guys sit near me with their gianormous bottle of hooch.  A stewardess come by and tells the men that the bottle is not to be opened.  As soon as she turned around, they opened the bottle and started pouring.  They kept pouring through the entire flight.  Occasionally they would stop drinking the whiskey.  This so that they could give ample time to finishing some of the mixed drinks they purchased on the plane.  They also made time to finish the Budwiesers that they carried on.

Big Whiskey and his drinking buddy kept it up all night.  They even offered me a drink.  I refused as I wanted to make sure they had enough to last the duration.

I have to be honest, I thought these guys would end up on the floor by morning.  No chance.  As we approached Moscow, they woke up, stretched, and started pouring . . . again.  All told they had knocked off 1/3 of the bottle.  They walked off the plane and could have walked straighter than me.  A feat for any man.

I have been told that in Russia, people do things to the excess.  Big Whiskey is living proof of that.

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