Can God Really be This Close?

23 Jesus answered him, “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. – Jn 13

Christ lives in me. He breathes and operates in me. The Father lives in me. He breathes and operates in me. The Father and son make their home in me. How crazy is that? They live here. That means

* They rearrange things the way they want
* They may choose to remodel inside or out
* They protect their home
* They give life to the home (an empty home has no life)

Interesting that it does not say that we come and make our home with God. Maybe while we are here, God makes his home with us. Later we make our home with him in heaven.

How do they come to make their home in us? Through the Holy Spirit. So, get that.  Father God and his son (who came as a child and later died and was raised from the dead) want to make their home in you.  They desire to come take up residence in you.  I know, that’s a little tough to get our heads around, but let it sink in.  They desire to live with you.  Imagine what your life could be like if God lived in you.  Wow.  Here is what I know:  For those of us who love God and keep his word, he lives in us.  And his living in us changes everything.

God, come and make your home with us. Rearrange, remodel, protect, and give life.

May you have a great Christmas and may you love God and keep his word.  And may you live in the reality that the Father and Son live in you through the Holy Spirit.

This weekend, we will be celebrating the Father and Son coming to us.  Join us at MCC on Christmas Eve (6 PM) or Christmas Day (10AM).

Merry Christmas.               photo by massdistraction

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