Changes at Maryland Community Church

As you may have heard, starting January 1, I will no longer be the Sr Associate Pastor of Maryland Community Church.

As part of our leadership transition, in January I will assume the role of Interim Sr Pastor.  Dr Vince McFarland (our current Sr Pastor) will assume the role of Interim Sr Associate Pastor (in essence, we will switch roles).  Half-way through the year, the elders will evaluate the roles and potentially make an official recommendation for me to take the role of Sr Pastor and Vince the role of Sr Associate, effective 2013.  This recommendation would be followed by a congregational vote by members of MCC.  All the details are available in our succession document located HERE.

photo by david reece

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3 thoughts on “Changes at Maryland Community Church

  1. When I read this on FB, I said out loud, “COOL”!! My husband and I are excited for you and will be praying for you and Vince.

  2. I also read this on FB and am always excited to see what is going on at MCC. I will be praying for this development and am excited to see where this leads!