Compassion International. Is it worth it?

Many of you know that I am a big fan of Compassion International.  They move kids out of poverty in the name of Jesus and do it in a way that blows my mind.  My family and I have supported children through Compassion for more than 20 years.  We currently have a child, Yulissa, in Honduras.

Last month Shawn and I spent a week with Compassion International in Guatemala.  We looked for holes in their system.  We searched for flaws in their process.  We found none.  Sure, they are not perfect, but they are a well-oiled missional machine that gets the job done.  I cannot say enough about this ministry.

While I was there, one little guy captured my heart.  Roca lives with his parents and older brother in a simple home (we were able to visit his family in their home).  When I met Roca he was not sponsored.  That has since changed.  Last week I received confirmation that we are Roca’s new sponsor.  That fires me up. 

Meet my (sponsored) boy, Roca.  I love this kid and I am changing the world by sponsoring him.  You can change the world as well.  Head over to Compassion and find kids who are waiting for sponsors.

Scot and Roca 1 Scot and Roca 2

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