Compassion Thursday – Haiti

haiti-disaster-earthquake I find myself moved to tears with the situation in Haiti.  My daughter, Mariah, and a high school team are scheduled to be in Haiti in July.  Though I have yet to visit Haiti I have spent a considerable amount of time in the 3rd world and know the challenges when things are normal.  I cannot simply get my head around the disaster.  If your like me you wonder, “Sure, but what can I do?” 

As you know, I am a huge fan of Compassion International.  They have a strong presence in Haiti.  They are asking for donations for their efforts, as they work with over 6000 children there. 

If you can’t give, would you join hundreds of us in praying for Haiti.  The eyes of the world are turned to the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.  I am praying that the church will rise up.  My hope is that in years to come, an old man will sit on the beach with his grandson and say “The earthquake of 2010 changed where I lived and whom I lived with.  Then God came along.  He changed my life.”

You can donate here.

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One thought on “Compassion Thursday – Haiti

  1. I’m not sure what God has planned,but I know that He has a plan,and I trust in Him!! This week I’m applying for a passport…where He leads,I will follow!!!