14 Do everything without complaining and arguing, 15 so that no one can criticize you. – Phil 2

image I would like to complain about this scripture, but that just wouldn’t be right.  Do everything without complaining. Everything?  Everything. Does that include not complaining to myself?  Probably.

Why?  For better mental health?  For more productivity? Perhaps, but the main reason is so that others can’t criticize.  Who cares if they criticize me?  The deal is this: if they criticize and complain about me complaining, they become complainers.  My complaining makes them become complainers.  It spreads like a cancer.

I have seen families, office staffs, and groups be crippled by complaining.  Maybe you have too. All their energy is directed toward arguments and complaints.  They are off track and off focus.

We all have to do things.  What would it be like if we did them without complaining?  Maybe the best place to start is with me.  And you.  You may set the tone more than you realize.

What can you do to turn your complaints around?

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