Sunday night at exchange was crazy. 

  • 5 More baptisms (108 this year)
  • More money given to Advent Conspiracy
  • Thousands of dollars of new socks and underwear dumped at the cross as a sign of worship while we sang “God of this City.”
  • People joining the church
  • Pre-schoolers singing
  • 3 worship leaders
  • A big crowd
  • Trips in the works for Guatemala and the Gulf Coast

Beyond that is this intangible reality.  God is at work.  Big time.  It is hard to describe, but it is true.

I walked away from the evening with a new realization:  We have a tiger by the tail.  This thing is alive, and dangerous.  What we have been praying for is coming true.  And I hear the tiger laughing.  We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Hold on exchange.  The ride is just beginning.

photo by mamapajama97

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