Confession Time

Confession time.  I can easily get my eyes off of Christ and on to myself.  Case in point:  Last week I shot videos documenting my days; a 5-minute daily overview of what I do as a Pastor.  I shot and edited the videos, converted them and set them to post.  They are ready to go.  Except for one hitch: God interrupted me.

OK, I’ll be honest, he interrupted me all week but I didn’t want to hear what he had to say.  He reminded me that I like myself too much.  I’m too self-absorbed.  He reminded me that I’m more worried about what you think of me than what he does.  And that’s just wrong.    Let’s be honest, I’m not sure of the benefit you will get in listening to me yammer about my day.  It may be more about self-promotion than helping you get closer to Christ.  My mission is not to promote myself, it is to help all of us take a step closer to Christ.  How easily I forget.  So, time wasted and lesson learned.  The videos stay in the vault.  Maybe they will make an appearance another day.  Maybe not.  If you would have watched them, take the 5 minutes you would have stared at my mug and spend it praying or reading the Word.  God has much better things to say to you than I ever could.

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