Congrats Mom and Dad. 50 Years and Counting

Is it really possible to be in love for over 50 years? If you wonder, maybe you should sit down and have a cup of coffee with Bill and Gigi Longyear. They could tell you the ups and downs of married life. Likely they would tell you to suck it up, and to get over yourself. They would probably tell you that it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. So worth it.

We spent Thanksgiving with them in Florida. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Sure, on one hand I was highly uncomfortable – after all, these are my parents. On the other hand, I was proud of them – after all, these are my parents. They have stayed in love for 50 years. Some of us can’t stay in love for 50 days.

When I talked to my Dad today I reminded him that most people don’t make it to 50 years.  I reminded him that it was rare to be married that long.  He responded, “Well, it shouldn’t be.”  Indeed.  It should not be.

So, raise a glass. Here’s to Mom and Dad. 50 years ago today the said “I do.” For five decades they never said “I don’t.” Thanks for being a great example to all of us.

We love you!

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