Crash Night!

image A couple times a year we dismiss church early and worship outside the walls by serving the community. 

As the last night of the Assassins series, we looked briefly at Sloth.  We could have talked about laziness for 40 min, and gone about our normal routine.  Instead we had a 25 min worship gathering in the building then broke into groups in order to worship in the community by simple acts of kindness.

Here is a look at our playlist of worship last night:

  • Cleaning gas station bathrooms (Shawn Wallace)
  • Beading craft at Meadows Manor East (Jennifer McDaniels) *
  • Bingo at Southwood Nursing Home (Michele Topolsek) *
  • Taking treats to skaters at Voorhees Park (Amanda Lennen) *
  • Making bracelets at Westridge Nursing Home (Stephanie Bachelor) *
  • Games & ice cream at Lighthouse Mission (Fieck family) *
  • Yard work at Conner Center (Mona Silvers)
  • Sno cones at Deming Park (S. Longyear family) *
  • Playing music and singing at Bethesda Gardens (Bethany Gisel) *
  • Disinfecting toys at 14th & Chestnut (Kelsie Wallace)
  • Baking cookies and delivering to neighbors (Brown family) *
  • Deliver cookies to Firehouses in Seelyville/Fontanet (Hoesman family) *
  • Handing water at Heritage Trail (Vince McFarland) *
  • Treats to Honey Creek Fire Stations (D. Longyear family) *
  • Weeding playground, moving furniture (Dan Gisel)
  • Treats to Cloverleaf Nursing Home in Brazil (Norma Wallace) *
  • Bingo at Cobblestone Crossing (Pomfret family) *
  • Mulching/planting at Freebirds (Amy Land)
  • Prep start of school papers at Riley Elem (B. Telle & S. McFarland) *
  • Prep start of school packets at Dixie Bee Elem (Fox family) *
  • Painting graffiti at old Riley firehouse (Ron Keegan)
    * indicates Family Friendly

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3 thoughts on “Crash Night!

  1. “Crashing” is such a blessing!! Life-changing/perspective-altering!!! A chance to give back a little,when we’ve been given SOOOO much!! I’m still amazed at MCC!!! What a great,imperfect family of “sinners” who consistantly strive to be worthy of God’s grace,mercy,love and the ultimate gifts of redemption and salvation!!!!! Thank you for the chance to show’s God’s love in a practical way!!!

  2. Who are those “dorks” in the picture? Ezra looks like the Skipper of the “fashion-gone-wrong” ship!!! What’s he looking at/for???(Maybe where he left his sanity!!) LOL

  3. Ahoy Mateys! It was awesome crashing with you.

    Scot, Thanks for being the kinda leader who leads with actions. Our little movement IS moving!

    Ron, I know where you sleep.