Deserting God

I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— . . . . -Gal 1:6

Paul was sharing some strong words with the church. He was surprised at their turning away.

It is so commonplace that it has made me cynical. I meet people who are new followers of Jesus, or who have made a decision to follow him once again. On one hand I celebrate with them, on the other, I, well, wonder. Seems like 1/2 of the people end up deserting the Gospel. “Oh, I have just been really busy.” Bull. You are turning away. Let’s just be honest and say “I am slowly forgetting about God. It bothers me a little bit, but not enough to do anything about it.”

God, I am not sure why it seems this way. I know it is not your dream. May you not allow people to be choked out when it comes to following you. May we be one or the other. Followers or observers. May you grant me wisdom and strength to not desert you. There certainly are times that it is tempting. Help us all.

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3 thoughts on “Deserting God

  1. It is odd that you mention this whole “time” issue. I was sitting in church this evening listening to Scot teach and it hit me BOOM! What are you doing. I spend my time working, going to school, doing a tone of homework and maybe 20 minutes reading the word and a 20 minute prayer. What am I doing??? Not what I should be. I need to be more in the word and learning about God. Not sitting on my rear and waiting for Him to hit me. At church this evening Scot offered a great test. He is wanting us from next Sunday to the following to give up something, just for a week! Well, I’m going to give it a try. For me it is turn the radio off and read more of the Bible and pray more. It is going to be a huge challenge but it is possible. I need to figure out where God is when it comes to ranking in my life…

  2. Scot,

    I don’t think this is any respecter of persons. Even as a pastor I find a constant battle for my time. I have to be careful that reading the Word is time spent just for me and God not in looking for a sermon or support material. i find pastoral issues pressuring me to cut short my path for intimacy with the Father. Between my workouts, my cycling, being a husband (my girls are gone), being a friend and a pastor, my schedule gets crowded quickly. My “solution” is constant checking and also making sure my mind is not checked out on mindless TV. Tough sometimes but it must be done.