Easter – off the charts!


Easter blew up yesterday with nearly 2000 people in the building.  We celebrated the fact that we were salvaged.  In grand style, the team pulled it together.  Some highlights:

  • Hundreds of pieces of junk
  • Crazy scaffolding used as band risers and stage props
  • Dancing to "Glory of it All"
  • You are My Joy with cello and surdos
  • Live painting with a beautiful twist
  • Solid message on the resurrection of God in our lives
  • Guitar Hero
  • Tons of visitors
  • Media off the chain (center screen, a dozen TV’s, and other eye candy).

We had a large hard working crew who went crazy with their time, creativity, and energy. It was a pleasure to serve with them.

I’ll post some video and pictures later. 

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3 thoughts on “Easter – off the charts!

  1. Wow. Might not be so quick to judge. Our focus for Easter was to connect with people who had never or rarely been to church. Because of people being here for Easter, we have been able to see people move closer to Christ and be more open to Christianity. We are about moving people closer to Christ and that is happening.