exchange evaluation 10.08.06

Here is a look at the line up from exchange, our weekly worship gathering at Maryland Community Church.

1. All Bow Down
Scot – greet
Imagine video – combo
Announcements – Jack Intro Paul B
Paul – Urbana ann
Video – Urbana
Jack Pray
Vision/nachomoney – Scot
Scot interviews Jody
Nacho Grande and Salsa (Shawn/Bethany)
Theme song intro – La Cuca
Scot continues teaching
Scot- Prayer
1. I Surrender All – Deb/Jen
2. You’ve Won My Affection
3. Nothing but You
4. You are the One
5. Sweetly Broken
6. Here is Our King
7. Not to Us
Dismissal- Scot
Band instrumental

Extra: I See the Lord, Lord Let Your Glory Fall

My Evaluation: The night was packed with so much that the tech crew had their hands full (great job guys). This was our vision night, where we laid a big challenge for tithing and giving above and beyond our tithes. For the past few weeks in exchange we have been exploring how our cash is tied to our heart. I was able to share some fantastic stories from the past few years. Check the audio out here.

Church consultants tell us that nights like this should be about money. The night was about so much more than that. Two people made commitments to Christ and a few others are now planning to be baptized. That kind of thing is not supposed to happen on money nights. Good thing God does not play by our assumptions.

We had a fun night. Nacho Grande and his spicy sidekick (Salsa), gave us a superhero reminder that all money is God’s (it’s nachomoney). Look for the video to be posted soon.

The set flowed smooth and I was so lost in the worship flow that I didn’t notice someone light a candle on the front of the stage (many times people light a candle in exchange as a symbol of a first time commitment to Christ). Maybe I should pay more attention :>

We ran a little long on time, but it was a special night. I got choked up a couple times, telling the stories of peoples lives being changed over the last few years. It is a wonderful place to be.

After the gathering we hung in the atrium for a mega nacho bar. What else would you expect?

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