exchange evaluation 10.15.06

Here is a look at the line up from exchange, our weekly worship gathering at Maryland Community Church.

1. Awesome is the Lord Most High
Welcome/ann/prayer – Shawn
Community #1 – Scot
interview with Shawn
Scot continues
1. How Great Thou Art
2. You’ve Won My Affection
3. Nothing without You
4. Wonderful Cross
5. joyous Light (Hail Gladdening)
6. Majesty
7. O Praise Him
8. Blessed Be Your Name
Dismissal – Scot
Band instrumental

New song for the night was “Awesome is the Lord Most High”, from Tomlin’s new album. “You’ve Won my Affection” is an older song, but we just picked it up. Such a beautiful piece.

I left the evening not feeling I had really allowed things to flow smoothly. The teaching was a bit jerky and the songs didn’t flow as well as I would like. Nothing that the band did, I think it was some song selection. We did not do “How Great Thou Art.” We simply ran out of time in rehearsal. I hated to toss it as it is such a great classic hymn. We need to do more hymns for sure.

On “Majesty”, I stopped singing and the room took the chorus while I played acoustic guitar. I love that. Pretty powerful stuff.

Will, our drummer, threw a different groove than normal on “Blessed be the Name” (we had rehearsed it with the new groove). I am always up for that, as long as we don’t change the melody and make it unsingable.

I was punching myself a bit on Monday about how I should have made things better. In the middle of my self-induced pity party I received an e-mail from one friend and a phone call from another. Both said the same thing: they were glad to be part of exchange and just in awe at the things that God is doing inside and outside the gathering times. That’s the real stuff right there. The fact that God keeps coming close to us is pretty amazing.

Lesson learned? Practice your chops, lead as best you can, and totally depend on God. He will honor your efforts and whisper in your ear “in the big picture, it’s not really about the song flow anyway.”

Lead and serve well my friends.

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