exchange evaluation 10.22.06

What is an exchange evaluation you ask? Great question. Click here for the scoop.

exchange line up for 10.22.06

Video – National Missionary Conv
1. Awesome is the Lord Most High
Welcome/ann/prayer – Shawn
Baptism video – Joe Randall
Baptism: Joe by Tim W
Baptism video – Jessica Bush
Baptism: Jessica Bush by Paula Sprigg
Community 2: Take –Scot 1. Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)
2. Give me Jesus
3. You’ve Won My Affections
5. Light of the World
6. Invitacion Fountain??
7. How Great is Our God
8. Enough
9. Marvelous Light
Dismissal – Scot
Band instrumental

Lesson learned: no video is better than a lame video. I know this. I know this. I know this. We started the gathering with a 5 minute video promoting the National Missionary Convention. This is a worthwhile convention with a rich history and solid ministry. Too bad their promo video was a snoozer. We set this video at the beginning of the gathering because of the low energy and length. I had committed to playing the video without seeing it (I know, I know) and needed to keep my word. As I side note, I would encourage you to check out the National Missionary Convention.

The night was highlighted with a couple of baptisms, each introduced by a video telling the story of the person being baptized. The baptism videos have been a great way to set the culture of exchange. People tell their stories and are then baptized.

Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) was a “new” song just released on Chris Tomlin’s new CD. Such a great arrangement of this classic song. We did skip over “Light of the World’. My friend Shawn suggested if we skip one, we make it that. Good call Shawn. It just didn’t seem to fit where I had placed it.

The band did a good job running on fumes. We had met at 6:00 that morning to head to Antioch Christian Church in Washington, Indiana. While there we led worship for their two morning gatherings. Back at exchange, about half-way through “You’ve Won My Affections” the Mt Dew kicked in and the band was on top. Nice work boys!

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