exchange evaluation 10.29.06

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exchange line up for 10.29.06

1. Nicole and band
2. Nicole and band Welcome/ann/prayer – Shawn
Imagine 01 (Community unleashed)- Scot
Interview video with Henry Blackaby
1. How Deep the Father’s Love (Larry/Aimee)
2. Amazing Grace (My Chains)
3. You’ve Won my Affections
4. Sweetly Broken
5. Take my Life
6. You Have Done Great Things
7. Make a Joyful Noise
8. No One Like You
Dismissal – Scot
Band instrumental

Nicole Murello and her band opened up the evening. Nicole and the crew are a young band and lead worship in our high school and middle school ministry. I wanted to see these guys in action before I asked them to lead an entire gathering. From what I saw, they can handle it. Nice work!

I should have had another mid-tempo song. The altars were packed and people were not leaving and I hesitated to take the songs up. We ended up playing some instrumental stuff and it worked out well. I think we will explore this more; letting people pray and spend time at our worship spaces as music plays.

The room took on an interesting dynamic as we hit “You Have Done Great Things.” The place was exploding with some great energy and praise. It was one of the nights when things take off and you are just along for the ride. One of my favorite places to be.

A newer song was Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) from Tomlin. A new favorite.

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2 thoughts on “exchange evaluation 10.29.06

  1. “The altars were packed and people were not leaving and I hesitated to take the songs up.”

    Danger Will Robinson! It seems like God’s people generally prefer to be ministered to by God than to worship God.

    There was a resurgence in the practice of worshipping God several years ago in American churches, but it seems some newer trends are turning the focus back on the worshipper.

    The beauty of what I see you do is that people who need to tend to their issues are free to do that while others can express their adoration as a unified body of Christ.

    Please accept this as just a thought from a student to his teacher.

  2. Dan,
    I do like the balance that we are striking. I think that the spaces are an extension of worship or maybe just another expression. Taking communion, giving, singing, praying, doing some activity- I think they can all be worship. Whether I am at the altar praying or standing and singing, I think I am ascribing worth (worship).
    Of course, there is a danger I see spreading in that it can be all about the music, the songs, the band. It can easily get very me centered.
    Interesting thooughts. Anytime we start turning our affections toward ourselves and not God, we are on shaky ground.