Fast: Day 2

I made it through day one of fasting with little drama.  It was actually better than I thought it would be.  Seems the anticipation was worse than the experience; so far.  I think there will be some tough things ahead.

It was a strange first day.  Work was much busier than normal.  On top of that, I spoke at JoAnn Smith’s funeral.  JoAnn was our receptionist and lost a battle with cancer.  JoAnn was the world’s best receptionist and lived with noble character.  She taught us more than she will ever know. Thank you JoAnn, for the smiles, the laugh, the hard work, and the love for God that you lived out every day. We miss you.

I had a few other conversations with fellow fasters.  The best piece of advice came from Nate Brown.  “Don’t go to Wal-Mart if you are fasting.  They have a ton of food there.”  Point well made my friend.

I have noticed that things are slowing down a bit as I have given up food in exchange for juice and water.  Slower is a good thing.

We begin day two.

For some tips and stories from others who are fasting, check out Shawn’s post on the exchange forum.

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2 thoughts on “Fast: Day 2

  1. Type your comment here.Scot, not about fasting but about your picture with the cute hat. I love it and I want to see a 2007 Indy Mini picture. b

  2. Scot,
    Glory to God that you are taking the time to stop and let Him be in control. Your buddies advice is smart about Walmart b/c that is a very hard place to be, believe me. I pray that you will continue to seek his words for the food, the bread of life. I will continue to pray for you all tomorrow during the hour of prayer even though I cannot be there. Thanks for the support during my fast also it has meant a lot.