Fast: Day 3

Rough evening on Tuesday. I felt the energy leaving me. As it was heading out it gave a high five to the neurons that say “you need a snack.” Argh! I was also easily irritated. Seems to be the case with some of my fasting friends as well.

After a good night’s rest, things are a bit better. I do feel this mental and spiritual slowdown. Maybe it is metabolism. I dunno. The challenge is to slow myself down from the crazy pace of life. I am keeping my daily discipline of life journaling and will spend some time today praying in the prayer room at church.

Tonight we are gathering with a bunch of other fasters at MCC for an informal time of worship and prayer. No communion tonight. I can’t be trusted. I might just go a little crazy on the little crackers.

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6 thoughts on “Fast: Day 3

  1. Scot,

    First, it was good to be at X sunday night. Nice and refreshing.

    Main order of business: I am not part of MCC as you know and knew of the fasting too late. However, I have chosen to turn off the TV at night. I watch very little except Weather Channel, some sports (but cycling and baseball are over) and some of Fox News. I have chosen instead to read and relax.

    Your struggle with food and the energy: just wait! IN times past I have fasted for 4 or 5 days and by day 3 I found myself actually energized as my body was getting cleansed. But the spiritual energy was amazing! I found a richer time of being with God. I used to take the church list of people and divide it up for each “meal time” and pray for them. What a diff it made in my thoughts and attitudes toward people. I prayed for healing, conversion, blessings, etc. In the process, I found myself blessed.

    Say sayonora to those “need a snack” times and say hello to rich times with God. Wish I could be there with you all tonight but not possible.

  2. The mental confusion of not eating was the worse yesterday. I had a student ask me for a sheet, and I thought he asked for a sheep. I couldn’t figure out why he wanted a sheep.

    This morning my mind seems to be clearer, and I’m in a really upbeat mood. This fast has been an amazing experience so far.

  3. Sheep? Sheet? Funny.

    Great posts here guys. Bill – great to hear from you. Sorry we didn’t get to connect more on Sunday night. Thanks for the words of encouragement. When things settle, maybe we can meet 1/2way and have lunch (ahh, there I am thinking about food again:>)!

  4. Yeah, I’ve heard after day 3 or roundabouts it gets easier as the body’s purged all the toxins and such, and so it should be mostly happy.

    Isn’t it funny, though, that after 3 days it should become enjoyable? It parallels well our walk with Christ. Some give up in those first few days because it’s hard and miss out on what could be something great afterwards. (Not that I’ve gotten it down by any means, haha)

    God bless, and I enjoyed your joke about the crackers :-P.

  5. Scot,

    Thanks. You’re on about lunch but I will have to come there. I have made this trip enough to know that there is no 1/2way point unless you want to eat at Petticoat Junction or whatever the name of that place is at 46 & 59. I prefer real food when it is time. I look forward to it. But I will quit talking about food lest you say, “Get behind me Satan!”

    BTW: how long is the fast to go?

  6. Most of the fasters are going until Sunday at 6PM. Some did Sat-Sat or on another schedule.

    One thing I am learning is that I will never take a cheseburger for granted again!!!