Former Compassion Child Leads Pastors in Uganda

Have you ever met someone and it feels like you have known them a lifetime? Such is the case with my new life-long friend, Richmond Wandera. Last year, Richmond came to MCC to talk about Compassion International. Richmond spent the weekend with my family. We became quick friends.

Richmond is a former Compassion International kid. He now leads an organization in Uganda called The Pastor’s Discipleship Network. Each year they host a National Pastors Conference. In 2011, Justin Hoeppner and I were invited to be part of the conference.  It was a tremendous experience.  You can check out the real time updates from the trip here.

I thought you might enjoy a peek into the life of Richmond. He comes on the video at :51. Enjoy.

Also, if you would like learn more about sponsoring a Compassion child, click here.


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