Funeral Arrangements

image Many of us were saddened to learn of the death of Jared Southworth.  Jared was the son-in-law of Carl and Gayla Royer.  Carl and Gayla are part of our church and both serve on the worship team.  Carl is also our facilities manager.

Jared was killed in duty in Afghanistan as he was disarming a bomb at a check-point.  His friend and fellow soldier Jason Burkholder was killed as well.  Jared leaves behind a wife and four young children.  Jared was a soldier, police officer, and follower of Christ.  He will be missed, deeply.

I just got word on the funeral arrangements.  The family will be meeting the plane carrying Jared’s body at the Coles Co airport this  morning.  They will escort the body to Oakland.  Visitation will be Saturday 8 – 8, family will be present 3-8 at Oakland funeral home, Oakland, IL.  Funeral will be Sunday 2 pm at the Oakland High School.  These are IL times.

Be praying for the family.  They were prepared for this and are doing exceptionally well considering the circumstances.  I simply cannot imagine.

Thank you to the men and women who serve in our behalf.  Words cannot express our gratitude to you.

Thank you Jared.

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