Get Smart

image 32 He [King Solomon] composed some 3,000 proverbs and wrote 1,005 songs. 33 He could speak with authority about all kinds of plants, from the great cedar of Lebanon to the tiny hyssop that grows from cracks in a wall. He could also speak about animals, birds, small creatures, and fish – 1 Kings 4

I always thought Solomon was just wise in the things of God and in being King; ruling the people and making decisions.  Evidently he was one of those crazy-smart people.  Ones who know about plants, animals, and fish.

I wonder if he drove people crazy, like a walking encyclopedia.  It is interesting that when God gave him wisdom, he gave him wisdom of all things.   

Why would God give him wisdom about stuff that doesn’t seem to matter?  

Maybe the more we know, the more we see God.  When we know the beauty and development of giant trees and tiny plants, we can’t help but be in awe and fear.  Fear  is the beginning of wisdom.  So we get more wisdom. The more wisdom we obtain, the more we find ourselves in awe and fear and because fear is the beginning of wisdom, we get more wisdom and . . . the cycle just repeats itself.

The gaining of knowledge puts us in this beautiful circle of wisdom and fear.

Go get smart; and fear.

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