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And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they [Magi]returned to their country by another route. Matthew 2:12

When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi. Matthew 2:16

So these Magi work for Herod. He is the boss. Beyond that, he is the King. You don’t cross your employer and you certainly don’t cross the King. But there was a dream. I wonder what the post-dream conversation between the wise men was like?

Magi 1: “Hey, you guys have a dream last night?”

Magi 2 and 3: Startled. “Um, yea. What was yours?”

They begin to share the dreams and realize they are the same. It is then decision time. Return to Herod or obey a dream they thought was from God? God always trumps Kings. Always.

Here are some thoughts in my life.

  1. My decisions for God and the Kingdom may disappoint bosses, Kings, and friends. I have ached when I have left a church to move to another ministry. I have ached when others have moved away. I have been sad to see other people leave and move out of my life. They were being obedient to God and disappointing friends and family and bosses. God always trumps friends and family and bosses. Always.
  2. Sometimes God hides from us the whole picture so that we will obey the immediate command. The Magi made a decision to go based on the dream from God. What if God had shown them what their actions caused: Herod killing all boys 2-year old and under? What would the decision have been. Obeying the call of God trumps the actions of other. Always.
    God, help me listen close to your leading. When you ask me to do things, help me base my following not on the reaction of others, but on you. May I listen well to your whisper and move accordingly.
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