Goodbye My Friend


Today has been a long day.  I flew to Richmond, VA to speak at the Memorial Service of Amanda Foley Amos.  Amanda was a student in my first youth group in the early 90’s.  She was full of life, laughs, and creativity.

A year ago today she was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Today hundreds of people packed in a church (standing room only) and honored our friend who was gone.

She was 33.  A wife.  A mother.

Amanda, thanks for being true to yourself.  Thanks for being a friend to all of us.  We will miss your laughs.  We will miss your smart alec remarks.  We will miss you greatly.

Amanda blogged her fight with Leukemia.  You can read her journey here.  It is both compelling and heartbreaking.

For more insight into the last year, Adrian (Amada’s husband) has a blog as well.  Prepare to cry.  Adrian is an amazing writer in the middle of unbelievable pain.

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