Guatemala Sunday

After a short night, we headed to the Guatemala airport for a charter flight.  Nate made arrangements for a small plane to take us to Nebaj. 


Above:  The small plane to Nebaj.  They wouldn’t let me drive.  Evidently you have to have some sort of license to fly one of these things.


Above:  Jody, Steph, and Mariah. 


Above: A view from the hotel terrace in Nebaj.


The markets.  It was crazy.  I walked right thru the center.  Food and items were everywhere.  The smell was a mixture of trash and exhaust.  Kids were staring at the bald gringo.  For a moment I thought I was Anthony Bourdain.


Above:  Even chickens need a ride every now and then.

We will hang in Nebaj until Monday, when we are scheduled to go to Saqiul where we will visit a Christian school.  The reason for this part of the trip is to attend the dedication of the first New Testament in the Ixil language.

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