Guatemala Tuesday

After some long days the team slept in. As we were getting up we heard the town rocking with a parade just outside the hotel.  After the parade, we hit a late breakfast and helped set up for the dedication ceremony.  At 2PM a 3-hour service began.  We understood very little, but it was great to be part of the celebration. 

After 50 years of work, there is a New Testament printed in the Ixil language.  Any way you look at it, that is pretty cool.


Above: Parade


Above: Set up for the dedication.




Above:  Our MCC team with Ray Elliott, 1st translator of the Ixil New Testament.

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5 thoughts on “Guatemala Tuesday

  1. Hello, Thank you so very much for the updates and pictures….We have a dated computer but all your correspondence came through and the pictures were so vivid….What a wonderful experience…The whole thing brings tears to my eyes….Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves to so many unfortunate but, happy people…perhaps we are the unfortunate ones…We all have too much of everything. Great to talk with you today Scot and Maddy loved it too…We are doing fine and glad to have some private time with Maddy….Take care and keep those blogs coming..we love it….Love to everyone, Gigi

  2. Hey Scot – thanks for sharing your trip photos. While many believers are entirely focused on American politics (wasteoftime… *cough *cough), your updates are a welcome on where our time and efforts should be going – simply loving people and sharing God’s grace.