Halloween on Mission

A friend and fellow exchanger, Mike Telezen, e-mailed me today to let me know of his Halloween happenings. Mike and his small group spent last evening at the Light House Mission (a local homeless shelter). It’s another great reminder of why I love being part of the exchange community. Here is Mike’s e-mail:


So here’s the story of the actual events that took place on Halloween Night at the Lighthouse Mission…

You challenged us to open up our hearts and let loose the kingdom. Well I think that the kingdom didn’t slowly go though the door, but came a storming through and knocked me on my rear. I have said to you before that I felt God has huge plans for me and I think that I got a taste of them last night. I had felt in my heart that I needed to tell my testimony to the people in the mission. So I had been putting it off for months and finally manned up enough to do it.

I got a hold of Rob Killebrew through Chad at Mosaic and he was so excited to play music for us. He opened up with a few songs and then I talked. I was sweating bullets but kept going strong. 20 minutes later I had completed my story and wasn’t sure what would come from it. By the third song Rob played everyone was out of there seat and had there hands raised to God.
When we got done we stayed for over an hour having people come up to us and tell us there story and how much they appreciated the people of MCC for all of the things that they have helped them with in the past few months. We had a Muslim ask questions about God and people telling us that they were recently saved, and part of the reason was because of the things that MCC did to show them God’s Love. What an overwhelming night where you could feel the presence of God and see the things that we were able to accomplish with him as our foundation. Thank you so much for all of the guidance that you have given me in my life and helping me start down the right path.
Scot you and Jack are two of the major role models that I want to set my life to and I can never repay you for what you guys have done for me.
Thank you and keep on rocking brother.
Mike Telezyn

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2 thoughts on “Halloween on Mission

  1. Type your comment here. I was so glad to have been able to take witness in Michaels Testimony through God. The night was overwhelmingly present with our King, as many hearts were captured and softened and tears poured out abundantly as God’s Word was Received. Michael! this was no accident. God needed you to speak his words. I must believe that God was very pleased with you on this night, as I also was.
    I Love Ya Bro!