How He Loves

So, a partner in crime, Shawn Wallace, tells me that this song is blowing up in the blogsphere.  At first listen I yawn and think it is just like every other "Jesus loves me – I am the center of the universe song." 

Second time thru. 

I am almost in tears, realizing a truth that we often forget: he really does love us.

What do you think?

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One thought on “How He Loves

  1. This song was written by John Mark McMillan and the story behind the song is incredible. This video is Kim Walker’s version which is cool, but check out this video for John’s original performance at the Call:

    If anyone is in the Phoenix area April 25th John Mark will be playing live at our church. Glad you liked the song Scot, check out his cd for some other convicting, thought provoking stuff. One of the most lyrically gifted writers in the church today in my opinion.