I have a daughter you don’t know about

We have a child you have never met. 

Yulissa lives in Honduras with her mother and siblings.  Because of our $32 per month (through Compassion International), Yulissa receives assistance that she would otherwise not have.   It may be the best $32 we spend.  Mariah and Madison write to her.  We have her art on our refrigerator.  We have her picture on our shelf.

Steph and I have sponsored a compassion child since we were 18 years old.  Our youth group sponsored a child and when they lost interest, we “adopted” the child as our own.  I guess you could say that we had a kid long before we were married.  Twenty years later and I am still proud to be part of what Compassion is doing.

Compassion is now partnering with bloggers.  The hope is to sponsor more kids through the blogsphere.  Brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.

Give Compassion a look.  They are top notch and I totally believe in what they are doing.  I wouldn’t have supported them for two decades if I didn’t dig them.


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