I Pray. God Does Nothing. What Gives?

I pray.  I expect movement.  When I see nothing happen it leaves me wondering.  Did I not pray right?  Is God busy?  Why is he not moving?  The answer may be different than we think.

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5 thoughts on “I Pray. God Does Nothing. What Gives?

  1. Scott-It has been my experience that often he is working in many ways behind the scenes -especially when it involves the will of others. In my life I can honestly say that Gods’ delay has done a deeper work of forming my heart. I think we all have to ask ourselves-am I seeking Him for what I need or am I seeking Him for who He is. When I do-what I need becomes secondary.

  2. Absolutely. Looking back I am glad he did not move in the way that i asked him. May have been harder, but I am better because of it

  3. thats so true. when i look back on my life’s trials its hard to imagine what my life would b like if they hadnt have happend. Gods timeing is good even when we may feel like we are always waiting or God isnt anwereing us . thats man for ya..

  4. Yeah, I know most of my grow has come through long difficult circumstances worked out over time. Currently though, I am enduring a three and a half year stretch of severe pain since fracturing my patella, and incredible compounding circumstances. Almost (almost) more than I have been able to bear. The one thing that endures when nothing else does is hope. I hope, and hope, and hope, that God is going to see me through, and even use this experience to bring glory to Himself and goodness to others, but see no evidence to that effect at present. Maybe that is to the point. Neither, I suppose, did Joseph in Genesis.

  5. So much of the time I get wrapped up in asking Him for what I want that I neglect to ask Him what He wants….It’s not about me anyway, it’s all about HIM……..