I spend 80% of my budget on food

I am not invisible.  You don’t know me, but I do have a name.  We live worlds apart.  Today you complained about the price of gas going into your car.  Today I wondered if my kids and I would have anything to eat (again).  I work hard and survive on $1 a day.  You spend $5.00 on fancy coffee.  80% of what I make every day is going toward food.  I thought it was bad before, but it just keeps getting worse. 

You and I are not so much different.  We are of the same race; human.  We laugh and cry.  We have ambitions and dreams.  Yet, we are world’s apart.  We believe in the same God.  You pray that your retirement account will do better in the economy.  I am praying for food.  I believe in God.  I just find it hard to believe in people who would let other people go hungry.  I work hard.  I’m not blaming you.  I might do the same thing in your shoes.  But I do wonder, could you at least pray for me?  I am not invisible.  

There is a crisis that we hear little about.  The Global Food Crisis Fund is set up with Compassion International.  The short story is that people are starving like never before.  In this global community, we must do something.  Maybe you can make a financial contribution.  Maybe you can sponsor a child through Compassion.  Maybe you can fast and pray on June 25.  Maybe you can do SOMETHING.  I am. 

What will you do?




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