I’m Off the Grid – See you in September!

photo: Pepe Cam

photo: Pepe Cam

will be on Sabbatical June-August, 2016.  During that time I will be heading out of town and dropping off the internet grid.  (Pray for me, I’m a bit of an internet addict!)

Emails and correspondence will be handled by my ace Execuitive Assistant Dawn Arnold (dawna@mccth.org).  If you have an inquiry about teaching at an event, Dawn can handle that as well.

Scot’s Daily Word will continue to post daily (except some Wednesdays) through this blog, Facebook, twitter, email, and text. All radio episodes of Scot’s Daily Word will function as normal (Monday-Friday).

Note that there will be tremendous events at Maryland Community Church this Summer. Among other things we have recruited some of the best preachers in the US to share with us each Sunday. Don’t miss it!

Have a great summer!

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