Introducing The Broken

Last year we were asked to be part of Elevate 2010 and open for Jars of Clay and one of my favorite bands, Need to Breathe.  We collected some of our friends and musicians together and formed The Justin Hoeppner Band.  After several months, tons of conversations, and some prayers, we have morphed into The Broken.  Never fear, you will still be treated to the silky-smooth vocals of boy-wonder Hoeppner (as well as occasional chops from Becky Price).

We are excited to once again be part of Elevate 2011, AND we are working toward an EP of original songs.  Justin is a fantastic writer and these musicians are top notch.  More important than that, we are followers of Christ who are all in.  We are far from perfect.  In fact, we are . . . broken.

The Broken is (left to right): Brian Price, Michael Bates, Scot Longyear, Becky Price, Justin Hoeppner, and Paul Bamberg.

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If you are in the Terre Haute area, we will be leading and speaking at an All Campus Worship event at Indiana State University.  Wednesday, March 13.  7PM at University Hall Auditorium .

photo by Ashley Littlejohn Photography

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