iPod no More

image My iPod was stolen out of my truck. It makes me angry.   I would have rather had them steal my truck.  I wouldn’t have bothered coming after them.  My family would have been happier.  The truck is worth less than said iPod.  Instead Mr Thief takes a small package full of sonic goodness.  Makes me want to chase down the punk and dispense some Old Testament judgment. 

Oh, and the irony?  This Sunday in the Red Series, I am teaching on what Jesus says about revenge.

I hate it when God does that.

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7 thoughts on “iPod no More

  1. I’d rather not answer that question.

    OK. Yes it was. To lock it I have to lock the passenger door. Another dysfunction of the truck. I was lazy.

    So, yes, my friend, it is my neglect. I should take revenge on myself for such a careless act :>

  2. When the thief realizes what he/she has to do to make your iPod work (read: throw it on the floor, hard, and hope that brings it back to life for a few minutes), it’ll all be worthwhile. Just wish I could see *that* happen. 🙂

  3. When my iPod was stolen I imagined the thief crying and repenting after he turned it on and realized it was filled with worship music. Not likely, but a nice thought.

  4. If it makes you feel any better. Jana had her $1,000.00 Canon Rebel xTi digital camera stolen at Logan’s Roadhouse. Our table was ready, and 10 minutes after we sat down, Jana realized that she had left her camera in the waiting area. Needless to say, it was GONE!!! Nobody turned it in. At least, we don’t think anybody did. The manager looked kind of shifty. 😉 My pocketbook is still reeling from that one.