Joseph Myers – session 3

These notes are from Joseph Myers seminar “Organic Community” given at Northern Seminary, May 2008.  They are rough.  I’ll post a session each day (6 total).


Larry Crab quote on community

People communicate thru 4 spaces:
(from Edward Hall, 1960’s)

Public          12’+
Social        4′-12′
Personal    18″-4′
Intimate    0-18″

It’s more in our head than in reality

To help people with belonging:

The four spaces:
We connect
We are committed and participate


Connect thru outside influence.  Can people be committed and participate only thru public worship gatherings?              Yes.

Social Space
Connect through share snapshots about who we are (pictures of their life).
        Facebook.  Blogs
        It is important for people to build snapshots.
        Aside:  when people divorce they need to rebuild    snapshots.  Lost “we . . .”  need to make new “I . . ”

Personal Space
Share private (not “naked”) experiences, feelings, and thoughts

Share naked experiences, feelings, and thoughts
Naked and unashamed. In garden – naked and unashamed.  Sin. Naked and ashamed.

Persons who described themselves as having healthy relationships had . . .
8 public
4 social
2 personal
1 intimate
    Note:  numbers not important.  Half as many from top

Many congregations want high public and high intimate.  This is not healthy.

A person is only built to handle 1-3 intimate relationships in their lifetime. – google this.  Healthy way to make decisions.

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