Joseph Myers – session 4

These notes are from Joseph Myers seminar “Organic Community” given at Northern Seminary, May 2008.  They are rough.  I’ll post a session each day (6 total).  

Measurement.  Partners. 

We measure what we perceive to be important.

What you measure guides your process
What we do not measure becomes less important

“I hired you for your best thoughts, not your every thought.”   
Numbers tell a story.  Don’t take the story out of the numbers.

All stats and research is fuzzy.

How measure significant relationships
3-5 stories -types

Quite fuzzy here.

Pre-measure –  define and measure the future before it happens

If this is your land, where are your stories?
    Indian Chief before Canadian judge over land dispute
    Point:  tell me the stories of your land – not the numbers



We almost always get what we ask for
    Sometimes we ask for the wrong thing or give the wrong idea

I Cor 13:5 – love keeps no record of wrong.  Love is not an accountant.

Accountability – means no love.  Turns into keeping record.

Need an editor – their job is to make you sound better.

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