Joseph Myers – session 5

These notes are from Joseph Myers’ seminar “Organic Community” given at Northern Seminary, May 2008.  They are rough.  I’ll post a session each day (6 total).  

Language.  Growth. 

Language has huge power

English is taking a major shift from noun-centric to verb-centric

Greek and Hebrew are verb-centric (most important part of sentence is verb)

    Indication of changes
        Word clustering (more words used to describe words – ex “small group”
        Acceptance of quantum theory

Don’t use nouns to describe something that is alive.


master plan leads to bankruptcy, organic to sustainability

large lump models ——- incremental maintenance patterns ——– bankruptcy

    ex:  big house, can only make payment, no $ for repair, bankrupt

    ex: 100% in small groups – they drop out as youth leaders, etc

piecemeal model ———- quantum leap growth patterns —— sustainability

    Do one semester and see how it goes

Flash growth – ex 40 days of purpose. OK and healthy but don’t expect it to remain

Consider before you launch next initiative:
    Will it deplete resources?  Community life?  Devastate the whole?

Community  (good fun)
This all leads to . . .

   example – Get married out of compassion, community, hope.  That lead to challenge, reasonability, hope

Raising money – don’t head close to challenge, reasonability, commitment.  Limit scope. 
Studies show that most people who come and claim your church want to give.

Salvation Army raises almost more money than any other org – they use compassion, community, and hope

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