Juan Pablo is legally adoptable!

juan p

Check it.  Just got a note from Emily Wiggins.  They are in the process of adopting Juan Pablo from Guatemala. 


John and I have been praying for a miracle.  We received good news today that all of Juan Pablo’s paperwork has been waived and he is now legally adoptable.  This is huge!!

Even with adoptions being closed, our Guatemalan case manager took our paperwork to the children’s court and told them our story.  She said by the time she was finished they were all crying and said that Juan Pablo needed to go home.   Mabel, our case manager is at the court again today.  We don’t know all the details, but see God moving.   Please join us in praying for this miracle to happen. 

Love you all,


I fell in love with this kid when I was in Guatemala and can’t wait to get him living with John and Emily!  Check out the Wiggins blog here.

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