Large Touchscreen iPod on the Way?!

For some time now, the rumor has been that Apple is set to launch a bigger and better video iPod. Full screen video with a touchpad. Bam!

I find the iPod an essential tool for worship leading and have been resisting the urge to update my 4th generation Ipod with hope that this new product is on the way.

There was hope that Apple was going to release this at an earlier product show, but no go. However, sources say that they applied for a patent some time ago. Urban legend or not, this has created an underground buzz and logic would say that Apple will release this prior to the Christmas season and knock out the Microsoft Zune before the first round.

Time will tell if this touchscreen iPod from Apple is a reality or myth. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed. It may be the perfect stocking stuffer (hint-hint).

For more info, check out what the Apple Gazette has to say. Also, check out the word from Skatter Tech.

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