Leading Powerfully

imageKen Davis is a brilliant communicator.  One hilarious guy and as solid as they come.  I attended (and graduated) from Ken’s Dynamic Communicator’s Workshop, where I personally met Ken and his wife.  Note: if you are a communicator, this workshop is a must.

The quote below is from Ken’s blog.  I thought I would try to summarize it, but the guy says it so well. 

When an artist performs and lives with genuine integrity and heart it shows.  The power of his or her music is intensified exponentially.  When the origin of the music and lyrics comes from the same genuine heartfelt kind of source, the power is multiplied again.   I can sing one note.  That’s the extent of my range.  I encourage my musically talented artist friends to write and sing from the heart.   Everything else is just business.

“Everything else is just business.”  Amen.


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