Leading with Henry Blackaby

This week I am leading worship at the Midwest Prayer Conference sponsored by Harvest Prayer Ministries. The keynote speaker is Dr Henry Blackaby. Dr Blackaby is the author of “Experiencing God” as well as a host of other great resources. During the main sessions (we have had two so far), Henry speaks and then I come up and lead a worship time with open altars and people praying around the room (much like a typical exchange gathering).

It has been another reminder how the teaching effects the worship response. Following a guy like Dr Blackaby is a charge. He is a brilliant teacher and brings massive life experience (and a healthy dose of conviction).

I think I could have walked up and sang “Twinkle-twinkle Little Star” and the place would erupt with God. It’s a thin place for sure.

I would recount some of the content of what Dr Blackaby shared or our worship experience, but my head is still trying to get around everything!

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2 thoughts on “Leading with Henry Blackaby

  1. Scot,

    What a great weekend! The conference was fantastic, and I thought you guys did an amazing job of gauging the mood of the worship and prayer and backing off to let God work. I came up front after the last session to pray with you guys. You were a little tied up, but I got to pray with your pianist.(Sorry, I don’t know her name) Just know that you guys and all of MCC are in my prayers. I’m looking forward to keeping up with your blog for some resources to help a beginner, and I’m arleady looking forward to next year’s conference!

    For the Glory of the Lord,


  2. Hey Jason,
    Sorry I was tied up! Great conference, huh? Let’s keep in touch. My mind is still getting around some of the stuff from the weekend.