Life Journaling on the Computer

Like I mentioned Sunday at exchange, I do my daily Life Journaling in the computer.  The benefits:

  • I can read what I type (I can rarely read what I write ;>).
  • It is searchable
  • It can be backed up
  • I am a faster typer than writer

Shawn also Life Journals on the computer and put together a sweet tutorial here.

However you do it, whenever you do it – just do it.  Devour.  Digest.  Disperse.

photo by DeclamTM

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One thought on “Life Journaling on the Computer

  1. I too life journal on the computer. I find it a lot easier and more adaptive to my writing style. I use Microsoft OneNote that comes with Microsoft Office, it is very easy to use and is searchable. Definitely worth looking in to if anybody doesn’t like writing on paper.

    Life journaling has enabled me to digest His word instead of just reading it. I found that prior to starting journaling I would read the Word and it would just go in one ear and out the other. I highly recommend life journaling to anybody.