Live from the MCC Pastor’s Advance

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8 thoughts on “Live from the MCC Pastor’s Advance

    • Been up praying that God will give you all new revelation, unity in Spirit, obvious direction to where He wants to go, and supernatural creativity that will bust wide open the possibilities of reaching the people here. I believe with all my heart that He has MUCH for you all this week and am asking Him to encourage you daily and speak clearly as you seek Him earnestly.

  1. Have a great week you guys. Looking forward to what God gives you all to bring home to our community. Stay safe and be dangerous.

  2. Scot I am praying for you as well as all the other wonderful pastors of Maryland. May you guys all have a safe trip and a great week and come back accomplishing more than planned.

  3. Fantastic! What you guys are doing for the betterment of our community and church is really heart touching! Prayer with you all and your families. There isn’t a sunday go by that I am not touched or blessed by what you all are doing. I am proud to say, ” I attend Maryland Community” ! Keep humble, never be satisfied and continue walking in His footsteps!! Blessings!