Living Outside of Myself

Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others. 1 Cor 10:24

Paul is again instructing the church. Evidently there was some selfishness and self-centeredness going on. Can’t imagine that. Maybe Paul’s hope was that if the church could be totally selfless in the early stages, she would have such an impact on the world that she would be unstoppable.

What would that be like?

I can imagine a church were people are totally living outside of themselves. A place where the focus is on the other person. A place where needs are met and wants are shelved. A place where people find a home and find God. A place so overwhelming and a God so compelling, that people are naturally drawn to it. A place where we wrestle with self.

Why can’t a place like that exist?

I believe that it can. I believe that it does. I was just following an experience of Dave Ferguson at the Dream Center. These guys are getting it done. When we seek the good of others, we unlock the Gospel inside of us. The results are tremendous and thin places are everywhere. The Dream Center is proof of that.

I see this happening in exchange. We are not there yet, but we are fighting to get outside of ourselves. I meet people each week who are making selfless attempts to seek good for others. It is infectious. It is the kingdom.

God, my initial reaction to anything is to seek my own good. It is a constant fight. Help me put you and others before myself. May your kingdom come through people who put other’s needs about their wants. Thanks for letting me see your kingdom in action.

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One thought on “Living Outside of Myself

  1. Isn’t it true that the essence of living the Christian walk is living contrary to human nature? From birth we are selfish people because of our sinful nature and we don’t just grow out of that. But in Christ we are made new people who should “become” unselfish. If I understand Jesus’ call at all isn’t it to live outside ourselves in service to others? I want my prayer to be the same as yours Scot. May the kingdom be seen through me.