Love (say it like Barry White for full effect)

You know, I really stink at updating this blog.  Maybe for 2006 I should make a resolution to update once a week.  But if I made it, would I keep it?  Who knows?  In the meantime, one year comes to an end and another begins to unfold.  So what will be different about next year?  Maybe a better question is “Why?”  Why would I want to make things different?  What is the motivation behind my resolution?  Man, we could write a book on that one!  Why would I throw these commands on my life?  What do I hope that they bring?  Who do I hope that they improve?  Ohhhh, little to close to home for me there!  Ouch.  That whole deal really is a foundation for the kingdom of God.  Finally figuring out life is not all about us.  Oh, yea, I know, we already KNOW that.  But what would it be like to LIVE it.  My journal entry for today is from 2 Jn 6 . . . as you have heard from the beginning; his command is that you walk in love.  What if we really did that?  I mean really.  REALLY!  What if love ran thru everything we do, like fine thread through a tapestry?  What if our life was less consumed with us and more with others?  What if we became addicts of self-less love?  What if I really began to exist with actions that put others first and me last?  I wonder how life would be different.  I wonder how people would be different.  I wonder what God would think.  Maybe he would think “finally.”  Jesus tells us that all the rules, regulations, and traditions of following him are wrapped up in 2 things:  1. Love God 2.  Love man.  Simple.  World changing.  Hmmm.  Maybe ’06 should be the year of love.  Maybe we could hire Barry White to do some voiceovers.

Until then, love, my friends, love.

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