New Chapter

I’m in the office and I hear the sweet sounds of an acoustic guitar.  Weird, because I am usually the only one making any musical racket.  Then I remember. 

image Two doors down sits Justin Hoeppner (pronounced “Heppner”), beating the strings.  He is the new worship guy.  I’m the old worship guy.  We are both opening new chapters in our lives. 

I have to admit, it’s pretty scary looking at a book yet to be written.  Staring at blank pages can be daunting.  But I know the author of life has a story that we cannot even imagine.  The first half of the book has been great.  I’m betting the last half will be amazing.  Not because we are good writers, but because we know the author.  And he is indescribable.

That’s all.

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One thought on “New Chapter

  1. Praying for you in your new chapter my friend. Hope to get up soon to hear Justin. I just see God doing some awesome things through you, Justin, Shawn and the whole eXchange clan. Blessings!