No Answer

And when they cry out, God does not answer
    because of their pride.
But it is wrong to say God doesn’t listen,
    to say the Almighty isn’t concerned. – Job 3712-13

image Just because God is not answering does not mean he is not listening. Sometimes he ignores us. Sometimes that is that the best response.  

Sometimes I have to ignore my kids.  There are different reasons for this. Sometimes they need to know that their actions are unacceptable. Sometimes I need them to figure out a solution to a problem on their own. Sometimes they need to find independence.  Sometimes it is because they are full of pride. 

They think I don’t hear them, but I do. I usually hear everything that they are doing.  I am concerned.  My response is carefully chosen so that I can help them mature.  God does the same thing.

Is pride keeping God from answering you?

photo by esparta

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