Not Such a Good Day

This is the Sheriff car in front of my pal Jeff Gormong’s house.


This is Jeff’s garage, where our motorcycles were stolen from.  If anyone sees a black Suzuki intruder VL800 or a Black and Green Suzuki VL1500, give me a call.  I’m ready to go all Chuck Norris on somebody.

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2 thoughts on “Not Such a Good Day

  1. Lord, there must be some connection between this and Scot’s last post. Father, are you trying to grow him? What exactly are you up to? We admit we have no idea.

    Lord, we do know, however, that You have a purpose and reason for this. PErhaps one Scot may not be a fan of, but You have a reason. I pray for comfort and peace for Scot. Maybe it won’t be the instant kind, but the kind which really hurts, but is just enough to get by. Please, Lord, help Scot whichever way You know He needs to go through. Let him fame You more, somehow, in all of this.

    We pray for whomever stole the bikes as well. Lord, may they come to know You more than they do right now. May Scot’s bike lead them straight into a trap of your love, and may they even return the bikes to Scot with a complete change of heart.

    Lord, You can do all things. We admit You already have this whole thing figured out, and we eagerly await to see how You are going to pull through in this situation, as well. We praise You for the outcome we are watching unfold.