Nothing to Lose


Then Jesus said to them, “Don’t be afraid! Go tell my brothers to leave for Galilee, and they will see me there – Matt 28:10

Jesus had just risen from the dead. The ladies were the only ones to see him. They run back to the disciples and tell the to go to Galilee to see Jesus alive.

What was that trip like?

I imagine that they were excited, scared, loud, quiet – all those things. What was going through their minds? Did they recall all the things Jesus had done. Surely some doubted. They were traveling on the word of others who had seen Jesus and were to find out for themselves.

Why even bother going if it wasn’t true?
1. They were highly invested.
2. They had nothing to lose.

What a way to live. I want to walk in such a way that (although I may not see the full picture) I have no choice but to move forward. I have come this far and have no reason to turn back. I have nothing to gain by doing so because I am so invested in the kingdom.

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One thought on “Nothing to Lose

  1. Hi Scot,

    My name is Peter Doherty and I’m part of New Hope Brisbane. I’ve just carried the 3 kids to bed .. my wife is having some down time watching a movie .. and I logged on and watched The Office.

    Well I chuckled and cackled my way through it. It’s great TV. (I’m a TV Reporter and Producer at Brisbane TV Station Channel Seven and I love creative, funny TV.)

    I want to welcome you to Brisy and look forward to catch up with you.

    My wife’s name is Rachel. We had 3 kids Sam, Zach and Olivia.

    It’s my hope and prayer that Australia is everything you dream it to be and MORE .. than your experience is REAL .. REFRESHING and RADICAL.

    We look forward to seeing you.

    What suburb is your home in?

    We have a 7 seater .. shout if you need a lift from the airport!