Once Lost – Now Found

Yea baby.  She is back!  Here is the rundown of the drama of the last several weeks.

  1. Bikes stolen (along with some cash and other items) from Jeff’s house.
  2. Jeff’s bike found and returned with minimal damage.
  3. No word on my bike.
  4. Two weeks later.  Insurance company wants to settle on my bike since it is not found.  We negotiate a price and they cut me a check.
  5. One week later.  Insurance company calls and says that they recovered the bike and found some personal items in the saddlebags.  I was hoping they recovered my chaps, riding glasses, and misc other stuff.  No luck.  All that they found were 4 cell phones, scales, and needles.
  6. I ask if I can buy the bike back.  The “negotiating” begins.
  7. At the last moment (the bike was literally on a truck to be hauled away) the insurance company called and agreed to release the bike to me with a clear and clean (non-salvage) title if I returned the money.  They would repair damages.
  8. Bike is currently at the dealer getting some repair.
    A special thanks to my new friends at Progressive insurance, as well as Cheryl at the salvage yard and Joe (the world’s greatest roll-back truck driver). 

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